Friday, April 22, 2016

Three Poems in April 2016


I've herded the opera singers into
the grove

Where they listen to Chi Gong 
instructions cup worry about
every measure to come

The sun will rise above the trees.

But back to now water cool, lake calm -- 
their lungs breathe to toss my stick
Watch, I pounce on their toes
whimper soft.

Panicky fish, they 


I just need to struttock your view
Druzzle the rest of your coffee
I agree your lover's a great cucolay
I chadjusted the driver's seat
Before I pawled it to a gypsy.

Advertisement: The life line of impetsesus.

Listening to Strauss

The tenor won't stay.
Yesterday he nearly
burnt down the kitchen.

Today he's off to another
race, unsure of his purpose.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

Eperdu, The Poem About It

Divine Inspiration 
Manifested at least
Once before
Well then

 - It's off to the races -

Must ought be again
A proposal en voyage
Loose in a
Morally sound
Brown Paper
By an acneminded
Due to arrive
After a pit stop
Red Bull & Lays

- Surely over stamped -

The derivative - ├ęperdu
I gaze upon
The track and trace
Number: 0PATO3BWOD
Machine generated
Inevitable hero
Snaking to my rescue
Because everyone
A Happy Apocalypse

Copyright Persephone Abbott